0. why Captcha does not work ??

Chances are you are using Internet Explorer. Switch to Firefox and Chrome please.
If you really really like IE9 then go turn on the “comparability mode”.
Compatibility View Settings (Alt –> Tools –> Compatibility View Settings)
and add http://meowiso.com/. That should be it.

1.  If you are getting errors when mounting .I00 .I01 etc files, please delete the meowiso.com- prefix.

For example, rename

meowiso.com-SAMA_133.I00 -> SAMA_133.I00
meowiso.com-SAMA_133.I01 -> SAMA_133.I01
meowiso.com-SAMA_133.I02 -> SAMA_133.I02
meowiso.com-SAMA_133.MDS -> SAMA_133.MDS

Now you should be able to load the .mds file using Daemon Tools :)

2. How to access dmm.co.jp if you are not living in Japan ?
or How to bypass dmm.co.jp IP blockage ?

The easiest way is using Google translate.
Just click on the below link, will bring you to the dmm.co.jp home page.
But there is a catch, you will be kicked out of Google translate if you try to search anything on DMM. Simply paste the following URL into the Google translate box.
Remember to change ID :)
A side note, this also works for the info links. Just put them into the Google translate box and hit Enter .

176 Responses to FAQ

  1. rk says:

    The recent downloaded files got weir merging video. For example, the merged video file “meowiso-IPSD_030.iso” of “Beauty Venus 2”, mounted folder name became “RDB_212″, and the first 32’24” video was replaced by some other video.
    It happens to many many recent videos. The only one I could successfully fixed this was re-download the .mdf from alternative source (from hotfiles to fileserver). Unfortunately that was the only successful case.
    Kindly advise any way to resolve it. Thanks

    • you don;t need to “merge” any thing, just mount the .mds file

      • rk says:

        Appreciate for the reply.
        I am using Mac. There are two tools for treating *.mds, *.mdf
        1. MISO-J, read *.mds then join the *.iso
        2. Split and Concat, rename the files *.mdf, *.md0, … to *.iso.001, *.iso.002, …. then concat the *.iso
        Both tools work fine except some videos downloaded recently.
        Appreciate for you could reply some more ideas.

    • kazuto says:

      The old work HD of PACOPACOMAMA is requested in large numbers

  2. rk says:

    The videos got the same problem were as follow (at least),
    デカチン狂 里美ゆりあ
    デカチン味くらべ 朝日奈あかり
    夫の目の前で犯されて- 侵入者9 春咲あずみ
    手コキ淫語一生懸命あなたの射精をお手伝いします 伊東遥
    吉沢明歩ファン感謝祭 素人お宅訪問 吉沢明歩
    家庭教師の誘惑 LOVE TEACHER 紗奈
    陵辱!素人花嫁が結婚式前日に最初で最後のAV出演! VOL.02

  3. YH says:

    [BDISO] Sky Angel Blue Vol.29 波多野結衣

    link down for hotfile part 068.
    link down for all rapidshare parts.

    Could you please fixed hotfile part 068? Thanks in advance.

  4. taka says:

    Please teach about the uploader named duckload.com.

    As for duckload.com, the speed is pointed out that download stops at once very late according to the person though the person, that is, the some another people is pointing out.

    I also used Jdownloader, and changed a browser. However, download stops at once in the speed like the very slowness. It was impossible by all means though had tried variously as the down loader was changed to solve it.

    duckload.comalso has the person named comfortable according to the person. It is not however so ..me… Isn’t there something good method of settlement?It worries only because of up-loading to duckload.com recently.

    It improved at last for about one month and it became comfortable now though the uploader named furk.net was also cruel in old times. Will only the problem be the one in A improved sooner or later now?

  5. guest says:

    rape! rape! rape! [レイプ!レイプ!レイプ!] is not available, reupload please.

  6. YH says:

    May i know how to locate this kind of videos without going to search it one by one? The current location of these videos were in the hentai section. Could you create another section for Hentai Bluray-ISO, so that i could get all the Hentai Bluray-ISO easily.

    学園黙示録 HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD 4 Blu-ray版

    聖痕のクェイサー ディレクターズカット版 Vol.8 Blu-ray

    One more request, i know it is hard to get the “uncensored” Bluray-ISO for Hentai, but in case you have the uncensored Bluray-ISO for Hentai, could you upload it for us?

    Thanks and will continue to support your site. :)

  7. passing says:

    A tag search seems to become invalid.
    I become the list of all matters when I perform a tag search

  8. jojo5136 says:

    ノーパン女子校生 ほしのみゆ is not available, reupload please.

  9. abc says:

    I am perimum memeber of filesevre and bitshare. But how come my download speed is so low. Most of the time is 60k/sec. please help.

    • SKN says:

      Well if your actual internet speed is slow then being a premium member doesn’t make a difference as your download speed is affected by your ISP and not fileserve. Also if many people are downloading the same file at the same time the bandwidth tends to get used up very quickly which also affects the speed of a download. Most likely if your internet is fast and you are a premium member, then many people are also downloading the file you are downloading as well.

  10. abc says:

    I have AT&T as the ISP. The plan I get is the 3Mb/sec and it is the second best plan. I just wonder what download speed you guys have.

  11. abc says:

    I tested it and my download speed is 2.51Mb/sec. But why I only got about 50Kb/sec when I download JAV.

  12. abc says:

    I mean you guys got the same problem or not.

  13. no i don;t
    downloading from both fileserve and bitshare with full speed
    AT&T as well

  14. SKN says:

    Well I know that bitshare gives me crappy speeds even though I am premium (they are relatively new on the block so their servers probably aren’t too great), but for fileserve I sometimes max out at 2mb/s (megabytes not megabits) on jdownloader. Also if more than one person is using the internet at your house chances are your downloads will be slow, even with premium. Dude you should honestly get jdownloader its worth getting trust me I almost threw my laptop against a wall because a download froze on me in my browser, but with jdownloader there’s no worries since it doesn’t freeze, it might cut off the download once in a while, but your downloads are always resumable and the speed are better than browser speeds.

  15. SKN says:

    Oh and another thing I am able to upload files to bitshare and fileserve faster than I am able to download them, so honestly I think the storage sites are what determine your speed for you lol I honestly have no clue how they do the speed throttling.

  16. abc says:

    Thank you guys!!!

  17. imamadman says:

    Fantastic work, I’ve been dreaming a site like this. Where the hell am I these years?!

    • YH says:

      Hey friend, actually previously you are praying and singing in “Heaven”, now you are dancing with us and having nosebleeds in “Hell” for the sake of lust. ^^

  18. YH says:

    May i know what is the difference between Hentai Animes and the normal Hentai movies?

    Did Hentai Animes had uncensored movie?

    • YH says:

      Now i know what is the differences between Hentai and anime movie.

      The anime movies had high visuals similar to some fantasy but now there are not so funky look and themes are created. They are trying their best to make the anime movies look realistic you have to believe that the movies produced now days are very much similar to normal movies.

      Hopefully one day the Japanese gov will amend the law and release the uncensored hentai anime to the market.

  19. Celle says:


    Thank you for this amazing work.
    My query is: You may also attach the covers (scan)
    the BD and DVD in high quality


  20. Celle says:

    Hello please! up Part 14 Hotfile
    (DVD) (アニメ) Mizugi Kanojo 水着彼女~THE ANIMATION~Fit.2「白い誘惑」

  21. Kunst says:

    can you help me with my problem:
    i know the search engine http://www.hashdb.com, but i don’t know, how i can add those sha1 or md5 hashes into perfect dark or share ex2.

    can you discribe me, how i can do that please.

  22. greg says:

    could an admin contact me regarding advertising

  23. rcarsid says:

    For BDISO, how to play them on my computer. I can mount the image to virtual drive, but cannot play it with my WinDVD8. Any free player for BDISO?


    • Kunst says:

      For BDISO i use PowerDVD11 and/or Arcsoft Media Theater.
      The two Players can play BDISO witout problems, and they can also play the BD’s when the BDISO is “extractet” (not an iso file, but the conent of the iso is in an folder).

      But some, that even the two players can not play, aren’t right ripped i think.

      I hope i have help you, and sorry for my bad enlgish -> i can’t explain in english very well.

  24. grag says:

    Can you upload fileserver link for “New Comer 大阪で発見!噂の脚線美人は脱いでもスゴかった◆ あやの沙希 1080p”?


  25. I take pleasure in, lead to I discovered just what I was having a look for. You’ve ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  26. jiujitsu says:

    man, why dont you upload your vids on mediafire? mediafire is fast and no expire (and no require premium). at least 50% of your site links are offline. your site is amazing, but you can provide a better service.

  27. wsanls says:

    links of ザーメンおねだり激カワナース 希崎ジェシカ are all broken
    Can you reupload the files ?

  28. TERRY says:

    働くオンナ VOL.57 download link has been remove please upload it again i really want to download it.so much thank you for that

  29. sst311212 says:

    The netload download links seem incomplete.

  30. Kunst says:

    i know, you are doing your best, and you have written, that the download of stringendo my blow jober act 5 & 6 of the DVDISO’s schouldn’t take much time any more.

    so the only thing i want to know, is the status of these two iso’s, and is there a chance to get them?

  31. susumu says:

    Thank you always.
    I would like to request the following MOVIE file for:
    萌えあがる若妻たち ~過剰反応する性感帯~ 麗25歳

  32. yuki says:

    wWould you upload a file in hotfile.com?

  33. John says:

    I have some problem here
    I enter characters in reCAPTCHA and press ENTER key but it didn’t response
    then I tried to click “Get Links”
    but it said “The reCAPTCHA wasn’t entered correctly. Go back and try it again.”
    I’m sure the recaptcha is right
    Is it my link problem?

    • Internet explorer keeps breaking the catpcha , grr …
      fixed now
      try again and let me know

      if still doesn;t work, switch to firefox or chrome
      or turn on the “comparability mode” on IE9
      Compatibility View Settings (Alt –> Tools –> Compatibility View Settings)
      and add http://meowiso.com/

  34. Kung says:

    The video you have for “ボンデージ・ギアの魅力 香山美沙 in Bondage” is wrong. The video you uploaded is Baby Entertainment’s “ddbg-001美人女医恥辱拷問アクメ”. Can you upload the correct one?

  35. hello says:

    can you create other tag for wmv because “SD” is very confusing, i don’t know whether it is wmv or not

  36. Unblockdmm says:



    To bypass the block, works on all browsers

  37. avmania says:

    Hello reupload please!
    [SOE-455] 湯けむり美人女将 癒しの温泉宿 吉沢明歩 HD (1080P)
    Thank you always.

  38. ALAN says:

    穂花先生の誘惑授業 穂花 SD

    all downloadlink of part3 are unavailable

    please repair the error

    thanks for you help

    by the one who download the first two parts

  39. farsee says:

    [IPTD-590]ゴージャスオナニーサポート アナタのオナニーをお手伝いします 松島かえで 1080p

    The link “iptd00590hhb3.part2.rar” on rapidgator.net was not found

    please repair the error

    thank you very very much

  40. kenny111 says:

    Hi Admin.
    I like your website so much.

    in this title プレミアム・レズビアン 冬月かえで 西野翔 1080p
    These 3 files are not found.


    Would you reupload them please?
    Thanks for your hard work.

  41. Johnny says:

    Thanks for all the great uploads. But I found NAMI-01 to 06 all the links are just 30 to 45mbs rar files and the movies is imcomplete also not match with the covers. Do you still have the movies? If yes, would you pls upload them again.
    Thank you very much.

  42. gs says:


    does not work for ryushare

  43. kunst says:


    does anyone know, how i can post a comment on:

    everytime i write something into the textbox at the bottom, i get an error!

    best regards

  44. DC says:

    How come not hosting using rapidgator anymore?

  45. kaz says:

    please reup
    File Not Found onRyushare.com

  46. analist says:

    please tell me password

  47. calvin says:

    admin would you consider add another file host “uploaded”? It’s actually so much better than uploadable. Thanks!

  48. Mega says:

    Would you or could you re-post some of the 3d bluray which dated 2013 cos most of it the link is dead. TQ

  49. dong says:

    希美まゆと行く!はちゃめちゃドスケベ社員旅行 HD

  50. john says:

    希美まゆと行く!はちゃめちゃドスケベ社員旅行 HD

  51. Passenger says:

    Why not use Mega?
    It’s even faster & multiple-downloadable at once.
    Though I know depositfiles is great,too.

  52. Kuma says:

    Are Requests’s page not updated in real-time?

  53. onewe says:

    Why out to upload on oboom?

  54. chewvdjm says:

    近親家族遊戯 淫母相姦#01 夢野まりあ32歳 岩崎千鶴50歳 hd

  55. ワキ says:

    Posted on September 5, 2012 by NekoBot

    oksn-100 近親相姦 異常に濃厚な母性愛 新フェチモザイク 名城翠 SD


    please!!! LINKS

  56. tank says:

    Is different contents


  57. LION pen says:

    Would you please re-post [kam040]”私はとある会社の総務部にいて職権乱用して美人派遣OLを好き勝手しています。5″ or similiar AV~thanks!!!

    the links are not exited.

  58. ちぇげ says:

    僕を誘惑する隣の綺麗なお姉さん 春宮こころ DVDISO

    depositfiles links abs185_dvd.part3.rar

    not work. plz link!

  59. JKFHD says:

    Can you reupload 妹の哀しき性奉仕 春日由衣 HD
    競泳水着レイプ アイドルスイマーの末路 春日由衣 HD
    新人 春日由衣 HD
    強制イカセ洗礼 春日由衣 SD at rapidgator?
    I am really looking for these for a long time.

  60. eric says:

    sir, can you reupload 義理のママはティア DVDISO or HD version in rapidgator? i’ve tried to find it but all site has been delete it.

    thanks sir

  61. eric says:

    sir, can you reupload 義理のママはティア DVDISO or HD version in rapidgator? i’ve tried to find it but all site has been delete it.

    thanks sir..

  62. tetsuya says:


  63. bernard says:

    I find fhd ver

    please up

    fhd MDYD-814 熱帯夜 / 菅野さゆき

    fhd FSET-454 バレないように彼女の姉妹とやっちゃった俺 / 新山かえで 瀬戸ひまり 乙葉ななせ 白鳥ゆな

    thanks sir.

  64. BERNARD says:

    I find fhd ver

    please up

    fhd MDYD-814 熱帯夜 / 菅野さゆき

    fhd FSET-454 バレないように彼女の姉妹とやっちゃった俺 / 新山かえで 瀬戸ひまり 乙葉ななせ 白鳥ゆな

    thanks sir.

  65. Ted says:

    Hi there could you please kindly reupload the following?

    カミカゼガールズ Vol.57 : 京本かえで DVDISO
    It could be found on your site too but the links are out dated

  66. アキ says:




  67. passer says:

    Excuse me! You have

  68. PANZERWUFFLE says:

    Please Re Upload
    監禁恥育 No.1588 アラサーOLを玩具拷問 綾瀬小春(26) HD

  69. haruharu says:

    please up BD_ISO rapidgator

    3D メルシーボークー 16 放課後Hなアルバイト : 尾上若葉 (3D+2D ブルーレイディスク版 同時収録)
    3D メルシーボークー 14 生ハメしまくり、イキまくり♥ : 北川瞳 (3D+2D ブルーレイディスク版 同時収録)
    3D キャットウォーク ポイズン 22 ~憧れのきもの性活~ : 雨宮琴音 (3D+2D ブルーレイディスク版 同時収録)
    3D キャットウォーク ポイズン 20 ~言いなり爆乳娘~ : 大島あいる (3D+2D ブルーレイディスク版 同時収録)
    3D キャットウォーク ポイズン 08 : 鈴音りおな (3D ブルーレイディスク版)
    スカイエンジェル ブルー Vol.132 : 百合川さら (ブルーレイディスク版)
    グラマラス : 舞咲みくに (ブルーレイディスク版)
    白衣の天使が肉便器に -究極牝奴隷- : 成宮ルリ (ブルーレイディスク版)
    親友の彼女 : 本澤朋美 (ブルーレイディスク版)
    3D メルシーボークー 17 ゆい先生の淫らな方程式 : 大場ゆい (3D+2D ブルーレイディスク版 同時収録)
    キャットウォーク ポイズン 108 マンチラ巨乳女子高生 : 永瀬里美 (ブルーレイ版)
    極上の美人 Debut : 舞咲みくに (ブルーレイディスク版)
    キャットウォーク ポイズン 106 濡れヌルお姉さん : 百合川さら (ブルーレイ版)
    S Model 103 おさな妻が可愛すぎる : 永瀬里美 (ブルーレイディスク版)
    スカイエンジェル ブルー Vol.124 : 舞咲みくに (ブルーレイディスク版)
    KIRARI 75 「出会って〇秒で合体」いきなりハメる! : 大場ゆい (ブルーレイ版)
    キャットウォーク ポイズン 99 妹のお尻が神すぎるので掴んで中出ししちゃいました。 : 篠田ゆう (ブルーレイ版)
    ザーメン二郎 01 琥珀うたファン感謝祭 : 琥珀うた (ブルーレイ版)
    スカイエンジェル ブルー Vol.98 : 木村つな (ブルーレイディスク版)
    3D キャットウォーク ポイズン 22 ~憧れのきもの性活~ : 雨宮琴音 (3D+2D ブルーレイディスク版 同時収録)
    スカイエンジェル ブルー Vol.91 : 木村つな (ブルーレイディスク版)
    スカイエンジェル ブルー Vol.85 : 朝倉ことみ (ブルーレイディスク版)
    スカイエンジェル ブルー Vol.83 : このは (ブルーレイディスク版)
    KIRARI 25 ~Girl x Girl~ : 葵ぶるま, 上条めぐ ( ブルーレイ版 )
    スカイエンジェル ブルー Vol.74 : 小坂めぐる (ブルーレイディスク版)
    爆乳 Gカップ – 美少女の伝説、再び – : 小坂めぐる
    スカイエンジェル ブルー Vol.67: 朝田ばなな (ブルーレイディスク版)
    S Model 29 : 白咲舞 (ブルーレイディスク版)
    アンコール Vol.19 : 白咲舞 ( ブルーレイ版 )
    サスケ アルティメット 001 : 糸矢めい (ブルーレイディスク版)
    S Model 24 : 朝倉ことみ (ブルーレイディスク版)
    S Model 08 : SARA (ブルーレイ版)
    アンコール Vol.2 : 美祢藤コウ (ブルーレイ版) :
    キャットウォーク パフューム 01 : 紋舞らん (ブルーレイ版)
    キャットウォーク ポイズン 09 : きこうでんみさ ( ブルーレイ版 )
    キャットウォーク ポイズン 01 : きこうでんみさ ( ブルーレイ版 )
    Egals Vol. 4 : 小宮ゆい (Blu-ray)
    Rui Natsukawa 超淫楽にカラミまくり (Blu-ray) : 夏川るい

  70. KJ says:

    can upload again this 3 download link?
    となりに住む綺麗なお姉さんの秘密教えます 七沢るり
    女子校生と精液 七沢るり
    LOVEドッピュン!! メガ顔射スペシャル! 七沢るり

  71. c11a says:

    Hi admin,

    I and very support and always download HD video from your site, But, I found i cannot access the download links after you changed the “i m human” verify system as selecting picture to verify, so I cannot download the HD video links.

    Your new ” I am a human” verify system seem error, it cannot redirect us to your download links pages after I inputted the correct answer. It said ” it obtain too many redirect, and access failure”

    Please fix it, many thanks.

  72. Eric says:

    Hi admin,

    I also encounter the same problem like c11a. I have tried to use Chrome, Safari and I.E. , but the problem is still here.
    Your new ” I am a human” verify system seems error, it cannot redirect us to your download links pages after I input the correct answer. It said ” page redirects too many times” and the outcome is access failure.

    Please fix it.
    Support your site and thx a lot.

  73. AV lover says:

    Error loading all pages redirect after click the “Get Link” since 2 days ago, pls fix it and thanks

    All kind of browsers got the same error below.

    The page isn’t redirecting properly

    message from my browser

    Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete

  74. AL says:

    Can’t load download links after verification success.

    I am using Chrome, the error message is:

    Please kindly fix the issue, thank you.

  75. curry says:

    Can’t load download links after verify success

    I am using browser >> Firefox and Chrome

    Please fix it.


  76. AV lover says:

    please upload following wishlist to rapidgator
    Heyzo 0011 Full HD
    Heyzo 0027 Full HD
    Heyzo 0038 Full HD
    Heyzo 0043 Full HD
    Heyzo 0044 Full HD
    Heyzo 0046 Full HD
    Heyzo 0048 Full HD
    Heyzo 0050 Full HD
    Heyzo 0073 Full HD
    Heyzo 0112 Full HD
    Heyzo 0141 Full HD
    Heyzo 0142 Full HD
    Heyzo 0118 Full HD
    Heyzo 0158 Full HD
    Heyzo 0161 Full HD
    Heyzo 0242 Full HD
    Heyzo 0257 Full HD
    Heyzo 0309 Full HD
    Heyzo 0323 Full HD
    Heyzo 0357 Full HD
    Heyzo 0496 Full HD
    Heyzo 0497 Full HD
    Heyzo 0522 Full HD
    Heyzo 0442 Full HD
    Heyzo 0630 Full HD
    Heyzo 0633 Full HD
    Heyzo 0642 Full HD
    Heyzo 0836 Full HD


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  78. Yuri says:


    My name is Yuri and I am the Marketing Manager!

    We are the Digital Marketing Agency from Japan I am currently looking to buy Japan traffic for online adult offers.

    I would like to discuss to explore our business opportunities.

    If easier, please add me on Skype: igaki.yuri name is YURI IGAKI ( all captals)

    I look forward to your reply.

    Best regards,


  79. heisiheisi says:

    The file :月刊 パンティストッキングマニア Vol.8 HD links all dead..
    Could you upload again ? Please. Thanks very much!

  80. onalifehhh says:

    CAPTCHA mark is not displayed

  81. onalifehhh says:

    “I’m not a robot”mark is not displayed

  82. zalku says:

    I Don’t understand passsward. where wirite.

  83. life says:

    ①[ iptd00553 ] 希崎ジェシカ – ミスキャンパスはSEXが大好き ※hhb1.wmv no data
    ②[ iptd00570 ]希崎ジェシカ – 極上騎乗位 ※hhb1.wmv no data
    ③[ iptd00508 ]希崎ジェシカ – 若奥様はフェラまくり! ※hhb1.wmv no data
    ④[ iptd00523 ]希崎ジェシカ – 都会のキレイなOLのSEX事情 ※hhb1.wmv no data
    ➄[ iptd00476 ]希崎ジェシカ – 白濁姫 ※hhb1.wmv no data

    Please improve these data

  84. Stephen says:

    Hi, In your in your recent batch of DVDiso that you have up. I’ve notice after downloaded them. that there is some sort of weird copy protection on it. just a loop of two people in lab coats showing the audition how to hook something to a TV and how to register in order to watch the DVD. Now the previous weeks before i never saw this before. so is there a way to remove this. since I don’t have the actually disc, just the file.

    thanks for great film,

  85. haru says:

    please up BD_ISO rapidgator
    SKYHD-067スカイエンジェル ブルー Vol.67: 朝田ばなな

  86. WAERT says:

    はじめての中出し 緒奈もえ FULL HD
    Extracting file archives like damage to the last failed!!

  87. ジュリア says:

    広告について申し上げますと、弊社はティーザーという広告をインナーサイトで掲載しております。これはバナーではありません。言い換えると、これはコンテンツ連動型広告です。アメリカではその広告の種類がnative adsだと呼ばれています。




  88. AB says:

    Captcha does not work since yesterday, I am running chrome version 54.0.2840.71 m

  89. AB says:

    Captcha does not work, tried Chrome and Firewall, please advise.

  90. muraku says:

    Captcha does not work

  91. Jack says:

    Captcha worked fine yesterday … but this morning the message repeats …
    … ‘go back & try again’

    I am doing everything the same way as previously

    Always used Firefox … today also tried Opera … no success with either

    Your advice would be appreciated

    PS: you have such a gr8 site … tx

  92. xxx says:

    captcha works fine for me

  93. kdkdkkfkf says:

    captcha works fine.for me

  94. jeannette says:

    every file can’t into download page, that’s show “The reCAPTCHA wasn’t entered correctly. Go back and try it again ” message! please help this issue, thanks!

  95. gigi says:

    me too, i get this “The reCAPTCHA wasn’t entered correctly. Go back and try it again”, please help me too, thanks!

  96. gg says:

    yester afternoon is ok, don’t show “The reCAPTCHA wasn’t entered correctly. Go back and try it again”…………but today, it’s again as same issue!

  97. David says:

    Hello, I found some missing files, may you reupload them please!!
    Above files are missing in uploadable

  98. small says:

    experiencing The reCAPTCHA wasn’t entered correctly. Go back and try it again.

    using chrom, not working for two days

  99. sdfasdfadfasfasfasfd says:

    experiencing the The reCAPTCHA wasn’t entered correctly. Go back and try it again. for two days. and i am using chrom.

    anyway to save from this ?

  100. XO says:

    reCAPTCHA not working, got Chrome and Java updated, still showing “Go back and try it again”

  101. XO says:


  102. ileux says:

    dandy-467 is cracked , please reupload it,thank you

  103. Knight says:

    Could you upload “悲しみの母子 早乙女ルイ ” again ?
    Thanks very much!

  104. Knight says:

    Could you upload “悲しみの母子 早乙女ルイ ” again ?
    Thanks very much!

  105. Knight says:

    Could you upload “悲しみの母子 早乙女ルイ ” again ?
    Thanks very much!

  106. kaka says:

    please upload HD no Watermark
    IPZ-869 奇跡の盗撮!BARでお持ち帰りされたティア盗撮映像
    thank you

  107. kakagaa says:

    please upload HD no Watermark
    IPZ-869 奇跡の盗撮!BARでお持ち帰りされたティア盗撮映像
    thank you

  108. tantubo says:

    not can reCAPTCHA

  109. EDGE says:

    Rioとヴァーチャルデート FULL HD (ipz-051), i think part 12 is broken/corrupt. the file size is right but can’t be extracted. could you reupload or find another file?

  110. Neta Harel says:

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    Neta Harel

  111. James says:

    Could you upload “MAX GIRLS 28 SD” again ?
    The links are not available.
    Thanks very much!

  112. ime125 says:

    Is there an HD 1080 uploadable?
    SPRD-733 Shinoda Ayumi Elder Brother’s Wife

  113. They Do says:


    Yesterday I posted 1 request in request section, but I don’t see my comment appear. When I tried to repost, I got error message “duplicated post”.

    So did you receive my comment or not?

  114. funnycom says:

    re-capcha doesnt work on this site
    firefox, chrome. IE… all same

  115. James says:

    Could you upload “おしゃぶり予備校15 花純” again ?
    The links are not available.
    Thanks very much!

  116. Michael says:

    Recaptcha doesn’t work.

    “We’re sorry, but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can’t process your request right now.”:

  117. rjd says:

    Could you upload “デジエモン SOD伝説の3大女優の手コキ・フェラRUSH DVDISO” again ?
    The links part 1,4 are not available.
    Thanks very much!

  118. Jozion says:

    Hey Admin love your site and appericate all you post i am having trouble downloading because the captcha is in Japanese only can you fix it please

  119. gian says:

    brand new Recaptcha doesn’t work.
    so please fix it?
    thank you.

  120. roberto says:

    it is very difficult to get the download link

  121. Kizz says:

    reCatpcha doesnt work
    even if i correctly type hiragana!
    please change captcha

  122. Commonsense says:

    How stupid can you be to put recaptcha in Japanese!!!! make it numeric or ENGLISH!

  123. Ryo says:


  124. tcyca says:

    Please return the captcha back to english and number, thanks.

  125. Tomllllll says:

    Could you please change your Captcha?
    The Captcha right now you are using only supports Japanese, which block all users who don’t know Japanese.
    If you still wish to earn money by others downloading, change your Captcha!

  126. sad says:

    i can’t use your site because of captcha.
    please replace captcha to english or something else.

  127. nanashi says:

    please up rapidgator
    母子交尾 ~湯宮路~ 篠田あゆみ FULL HD bkd00127
    母の友人 篠田あゆみ FULL HD jux00807

  128. carwashman says:

    Capture isn’t moving right.

  129. Commonsense says:

    Where is the stupid admin to fix the capture? how can one person be so stupid

  130. wenwuzerg says:

    Usually many releases in this site can last several months, but recently many HD releases become invalid no more than three days after release. What happened to those files?
    Please keep files last longer and reupload those deleted files!

  131. KangFu says:

    Even correctly inputed Japanese Captcha doesn’t work, admin.

  132. KAT says:

    Why file deleted in about 3 days?

    Downloading is not completed at all!!

  133. Sam says:

    Why do i see hieroglyphs in captcha? Does everybody see it?

  134. murakumo says:

    file upload please

  135. rigiygnom says:

    Can you reupload 美織先生の誘惑授業 星美織 DVDISO?

  136. narishin says:

    W美少女密着 逆3Pソープランド 大場ゆい 水野朝陽 FULL HD

    rapidgator file is dead, please re-upload

  137. myujin says:

    Could you upload (HAVD 909) “あなた、見ないで… 夫の目の前で接吻されて 肉欲に堕ちた若妻 FULL HD” again ?
    The links are not available.
    Thank you very much!

  138. BB says:

    file upload please

  139. jakko says:

    plz change captca to english–thanks

  140. ss says:

    ド痴女だらけ強制24射精 痴女ハーレム楽園~男潮吹き・中出し・連続ヌキ 完全独り占め240分~ FULL HD | info

    I can’t find :cjod00141_fhd.part14.rar

  141. bossmay27 says:

    ssni177 bdiso part32.rar file is missed.

  142. Newbie says:

    Could you please re-upload this IPTD754 DVD ISO? Thanks a lot!!

  143. okok2wup7 says:

    ssni177 bdiso part32.rar file is missed.

    Plaeas upload. thank you.

  144. K2 says:

    香澄はるか SUPER BEST COLLECTION 全7作品+初出し完全未公開デビュー前のハメ撮り流出映像収録! FULL HD
    Posted on October 1, 2017 by NekoBot

    File no.21 is broken.Please be reuploaded.

  145. K0 says:

    Could you reupload JUFD-719 発掘!Fitch専属 癒し系のふんわり超乳パン屋さんAVデビュー 好奇心旺盛な敏感ボディの108cmKカップ23歳 優月まりな ?

    Thank you

  146. Woo says:

    Could you teach me how to type CAPTCHA ?
    I type the right 平仮名 , but it always fail.

    Thank you

  147. TF says:

    Make it available for download this page.


  148. mmnd128 says:



  149. ANNDU says:

    Can you fix the captcha to english or make a guide how to type it in Japan please

  150. rolek says:

    We have english now, but still not works and we have information: “The reCAPTCHA wasn’t entered correctly. Go back and try it again.”

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