A lot (~13TB) of files were deleted by filesonic and wupload this morning...
I suspect they are gonna empty both of my accounts lol
luckily we still have fileserve nvm, fileserve as well, they just didn;t even bother to send me an email

ps: holy shit, got shut down link

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  1. Tenchi says:

    What now? ;/

  2. SKN says:

    What it technically means is we’re out of business.

  3. yoshiki says:

    This is Sopa effect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SKN says:

      Actually no that is not even related to it, this is most likely related to amount of traffic our site gets everyday and the amount at which the files are downloaded.

  4. hallfing says:

    that sucks horse shit…

  5. Sky says:

    fuck, meowiso was #1 for me =(

  6. mgc says:

    meowiso always use iso, that’s I happy to see:)

  7. RK-IV says:

    Any chance reuploading ?

  8. luangm1 says:

    I just discovered this site a few days ago, and I was delighted to see so many ISO files available that isn’t found anywhere else.
    You can imagine the horror and my shocks when I later discovered so many of the files were deleted from all hosts at almost the same time!
    I also hope you guys can re-upload these files as you are the only source on the internet for them.
    Thanks and please don’t give up on this site.

  9. Sky says:

    i have a question SKN. traffic on this site was high ? if so what would happen if you made the site private?

    • SKN says:

      I would not know, and the thing is that other sites have posted the same exact stuff I have posted (PIXY for example I found one site posted exactly like how I posted it and not too long after I posted either) and funnily enough none of their files were deleted it seems some person reported all our files and had them removed. But for making the site private I’ll have to leave that up to bossman since he has operating rights on the site.

      So as of right now I don’t know who to trust and do not wish to post any more files because I don’t want to lose my premium account on fileserve, since I paid for it.

      I will email who I feel is trustworthy, I have all your emails anyways so don’t post them.

      • luangm1 says:

        It’s not surprising other sites copy yours, since you guys are the best. 🙂

        I think the problem is it’s too easy to scrap this site using automated tools and just grab the links. I tried it and it took me ~15 minutes to get all the links on this site. (over 20000 of them)
        I recommend using mechanisms such as recaptcha to protect the links so automated tools are rendered ineffective, but normal legitimate users are allowed to benefit from your site.

        Thanks and appreciate all your contents and work.

      • Sky says:

        I see. well where ever you guys go i will follow 😀 and like luangm1 says, we appreciate all the work you done. =)

        • SKN says:

          @luangma1 I like that idea I will test it out after the 24th, I haven’t given up on the site, I am just saying I don’t plan to post anything immediately. Just so you know we will keep going but we’re in a “recession” if you would like to interpret it like that. As of right now, bitshare and uploadstation are the only places where things still remain.

        • SKN says:

          Thanks much appreciated.

  10. SKN says:

    @Halfing yea sure np.

  11. luangm1 says:

    Given the recent MegaUpload incident and the unwarned deletion of content from FSn, FS and UploadStation from this site, I’m working on an open-source utility that would allow uploaders to create “Variable-Size Multi-Parity Redundency File Stripes”, which allow the files to sustain multiple site take-downs without losing data.
    Idea is similar to how RAID5/6, RAIDZ1,2,3 works, except instead on per-file-level rather than disk level, and spans across multiple uploading sites.
    Also it’s trivial to add additional mirrors such as a combination of RAID5/RAID1.

    Assuming a strip size of 1GB, A 4GB file can be stripped into 4x 1GB pieces + N x 1GB parity Piece (N can be anything > 1 but anything beyond 3 is really not necessary).

    Assume N = 1
    You can upload Piece 1 to FSn, Piece 2 to UL, Piece 3 to HotFile, Piece 4 to FS, Piece P (first parity piece) to MediaFire etc.
    Any site that is down will still allow the file to be reconstructed from the other 4 sites.

    You can of course do additional mirrors for added redundancies (using another account of course).

    Features will also include Encryption so to the Fileshare sites and the Feds, any file on any fileshare site are just a chuck of random binary bits.

    Please let me know what you think of this idea. It’s kinda useless for legitimate uses (such as storing personal photos etc.), but seems perfect to tackle the problem of random file deletions by sites and takedowns by feds.


  12. Mac Zero says:

    Hi, I have all of your downloaded files. Thanks for your contribution before! I look forward your business reup asap. Fucking USA government!

  13. Sanders says:

    SKN I love your site man!!!! If you need donations just tell us.

    This is by far the best Hentai ISO site on the internet, I really appreciate all your work.

    Filesonic is scared, they went underground to avoid the shitstorm, I bet they’ll be back online in a few days.

    If you need something SKN tell us!!!

    • Poopy says:

      Yeah. I just found my file sonic account is now only supported private download feature. Fuck that I paid for 1 year subscription and still have 6 months to go. Jesus Christ! The only workable public download server is now. As of this moment of writing. It is still working.

      • Sanders says:

        No more affiliate programs. That’s why they are shutting down these sites. The rest of the sites are safe I think.

        • Poopy says:

          Yeah, I think the will go on to work because it is registered in India. The third world that the USA couldn’t intervent its business. All of the links are still working now. The filesonic, fileserve and megaupload are all fucked up. They are all Hong Kong registered companies. That’s why they are dead.

  14. Poopy says:

    This is report that is still working for public sharing!!!!!

  15. YH says:

    It is very sad and painful to heard that 13 TB of files were being deleted by the servers. Hopefully, the files could be up again in Meowiso.

    God safe us…

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